Tim Gittos

I'm an Australian currently living in Austin, TX in the USA.

I currently earn a living programming, though I wouldn't call myself a programmer. If I had to attach a label to myself, I'd use the term autodidact.

I love learning, and my favorite things to learn about are programming, computer graphics, AI & machine learning, robotics, painting and creativity.

365 Days of Art - Day 26

Last updated on 26 Jan 2014

Today I decided to try my hand at another portrait from a photo. It started really slow and frustrating as I struggled to get a grip on the size of the canvas, but once I got the ball rolling, it really fell into place nicely. Initially I wasn’t planning on continuing this tomorrow, but I like it too much to give up on it now.

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/205124958001518518/

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