Tim Gittos

I'm an Australian currently living in Austin, TX in the USA.

I currently earn a living programming, though I wouldn't call myself a programmer. If I had to attach a label to myself, I'd use the term autodidact.

I love learning, and my favorite things to learn about are programming, computer graphics, AI & machine learning, robotics, painting and creativity.

Archives Old posts from ealier versions of my site.

This is a collection of all the past blog posts on my website. I put a lot of effort into writing these, and although it's a hodge-podge of topics and tips and pretty much a mess, it's important to keep it

If you're reading this, chances are you've come from an older link, or from some stale search results. I'd like to invite you to take a look around the rest of the site.


My goals for blogging now are different from when I initially start. A blog is a living document, and should follow along the changing life of the author. In this post, I outline the changes I'm going to make, and why.

Last updated 20 Apr 2011

The Social Media Revolution

When the term "social media" first starting making the rounds, I thought it was just another buzzword. Now, after having worked with a social network from the inside, I have changed my mind. In this post, I explore what changed my mind, and some ideas for the future.

Last updated 15 Feb 2011

Evaluating JSON in Safari

When generating JSON strings on the server side for client side Javascript consumption, you can use Javascript reserved words as attribute names, as long as you wrap them in quotes first.

Last updated 13 Aug 2010

Autostart a VPN in Windows XP/Vista

One of the most annoying parts of my day-to-day life is the need to manually connect to my work's VPN. I've finally found a way to automatically connect my VPN on startup, making my day start without annoyance!

Last updated 10 Mar 2010

Going Dark

Nearly 12 months on from the start of my blog (the first post went up at the end of November 2008), I'm finding less and less time to do the quality kind of writing I have set out to do. I feel that, as I change, so too does my website need to change.

Last updated 13 Oct 2009

ASP.NET Ajax, FCKEditor and Firebug

Investigating a bug with FCKEditor revealed some interference from Firebug. Here I document how I found the issue as a guide to others who may encounter it.

Last updated 12 Feb 2009

Pixel Perfection is Impossible

The internet is not built in a way that you can expect the same web design to look identical across all the varying web browser and computer platforms available. And that's ok.

Last updated 03 Feb 2009