Tim Gittos

I'm an Australian currently living in Austin, TX in the USA.

I currently earn a living programming, though I wouldn't call myself a programmer. If I had to attach a label to myself, I'd use the term autodidact.

I love learning, and my favorite things to learn about are programming, computer graphics, AI & machine learning, robotics, painting and creativity.

Projects Side projects and tools I have built

365 Days of Art

To relearn art skills, I'm going to put in the work needed at least once per day.

Last updated 20 Mar 2014

D&D Monster Tokens

A cheap and fairly attractive alternative to minis when playing Dungeons & Dragons (or any tabletop RPG)

Last updated 09 Jan 2012

Research Notes from following online learning courses

Coursera Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Ive been interested in learning about functional programming ever since I first heard about it, but could never dedicate the time to do so. Im taking this course to ensure that I at least get some exposure

Last updated 16 Sep 2013

Princeton Algorithms, Part 1

My theoretical computer science knowledge has always been a bit shakey. I'm taking this course both as a refresher, and to construct something I can use as a refresher in the future.

Last updated 22 Aug 2013

edX Foundations of Computer Graphics

For the last few years I have been passionate about 3D computer graphics. As soon as I found out about this class, I jumped on the opportunity to actually write some graphics code.

Last updated 08 Nov 2012

Book notes Notes I take whilst reading books

Book Notes: The ONE Thing

I find it hard to get things done because I'm always jumping from one project to another. This book promises to help fight that.

Last updated 30 Jan 2014

Book Notes: The Creative Habit

Creativity has always enchanted and frustrated me. I read this in the hopes of getting a handle on it.

Last updated 30 Jan 2014

Book Notes: The Launch Pad

After reading a post about a DIY Y-Combinator, I wanted to see exactly what goes on in YC. So I read this book.

Last updated 04 Jun 2013

Blog Some thoughts and experiences I've decided to share


Failure is a necessary and good part of life, but it should be done in private, not in public

Last updated 05 Jun 2014

Hello World Open 2014

Just as I have to travel, a cool little AI coding competition opens up. I can't do it, but you can!

Last updated 16 Apr 2014

Device Ownership vs. Hosting

I saw this design experiment today that really resonated with me, a guy who buys gadgets and hardly uses them

Last updated 19 Mar 2014